Lisa Crump is a native Memphian who has been writing since the young age of 7. She is the author of the book, “Tears In A Corner: Ms. Single YOUNG Mother” as well as the mini book poetry series entitled “Sporadic Impulses”. Lisa is an accomplished freelance writer who has been featured in numerous online and print publications including Zoe Life Magazine, AfroElle Magazine, S.W.E.E.T. Magazine, and The Rythmic Lounge Magazine just to name a few. Lisa is the owner and creative director at Lost In The Words Inc. and founder of The SheWrites Project which is a mentoring program that coaches women in creative writing and the self publishing process.

Tears In A Corner

Tears In A Corner

Lord Knows I cried those Tears In A Corner

As my so called friends whispered..”We tried to warn her”

Society mocking me as I sat curled up in that corner

I sat there soul shattered

Dreams broken and body battered

My dignity on the ground…..splatterd

As I speculate if I ever mattered.

Tears so heated they scorched my face

I welcomed the pain feeling it could somehow erase

The memories of how I got to this place

Sobbing in that corner, while my knees I embraced.

No one around

They always seem to leave when you’re down

My heavy breathing and  baby’s crying being the only sound

The joy I had was lost, seemingly never to be found.

Trudging through the lost battles that became victories over the years

Through the trials, the triumphs, the slander, and the fears

Thanking God I didn’t become a victim of those tears.

Lisa Crump

Ms. Single YOUNG Mother


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