The SheWrites Spotlight: Nicole Gates

24 Aug
Nicole Gates, a Woman of Possibilities, Purpose and Power who resides in Memphis TN is the proud single mother of four beautiful daughters.
Being plagued by the perfect storm of crisis… divorce, single motherhood, living paycheck to paycheck, no support system on top of being in a new state with no family support… FAILURE was not an option. Nicole made a choice to defy the odds, no longer categorized as a statistic, but rather recognized as a success story! 43 honors to her credit for advocating on behalf of women and children, Nicole learned the revolutionary power to choose success over statistics and shares her insight in her new book Success over Statistics… I Choose!
About the Book: This book is to help women who have given up, lost their way and think that there is no hope simply due to crisis in their lives. Lace up those running shoes ladies, failure is not an option! We are Women of Possibilities, Purpose & Power. We have to be the obvious choice, poised for greatness and the authority on our future! “Success over Statistics… I Choose!” will give you the courage to learn, the vision to lead and the passion to share!

Nicole Gates lives by the motto: To whom much is given, much is required!


One Response to “The SheWrites Spotlight: Nicole Gates”

  1. msclear106 September 12, 2012 at 2:38 pm #

    Hi Nicole, CONGRATS!! on your book your accomplishments and perseverance despite obstacles. I wish you much success

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