The SheWrites Spotlight : Christine Cain

13 Aug

Christine Cain at the Life Church

 On yesterday I had the pleasure of witnessing a phenomenal speaker at The Life Church in Memphis TN. Christine Cain is the epitome of how horrendous stories can be converted into glorious triumphs. During the message Mrs. Cain spoke of having been deserted at the hospital after birth and never knowing who her father and mother were. She went on to say that versus becoming a statistic, God used her pain and struggle to shed light on the lives of others. Her message correlated somewhat with a passage that I so often use when speaking of “unusual women” who have led “unusual lives”. Women who have led the most unusual lives can be used as an instrument of testimony and Ms. Christine Cain is a true testament of that.  Some key points that I wanted to highlight from her sermon are:


1. The most blessed people that walk the face of the earth are those who have been broken. God uses “unusual” people, and those who others think are “impossible” to be the instruments to get his messages across.

 2.  God cannot multiply what you do not recognize! Stir up your gift, and it will make room for you. If you don’t see your potential, then there is no way that God can work within you to use you to bless others.

 3. Stop complaining about what is NOT ENOUGH. Bless what you have and watch God multiply it. For example, the boy who gave what he had to feed the five thousand, didn’t question if it was enough. He simply gave of what he had, and God multiplied it.

 4. Our impossible is where God begins. God shows up and shows out NOT when you ask him, but when everything seems impossible.

 5.  Invite Jesus into your circumstances. When Jesus comes to you in the midst of your storm, he walks on top of your storm to get to you. Remember how he delivered you out of your circumstances the last time?You are to use yesterday’s miracle as your confidence for today’s storm.


Be blessed!


Lisa Crump

Ms. Single YOUNG Mother



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