The SheWrites Spotlight: Film & Entertainment Maven: Sheena Herod

29 Aug

 In lieu of releasing her sought after novel entitled “A Boy’s Silent Cry“, and in addition to the recent film documentary entitled, “What We Hate To Remember“; Sheena Herod has embarked upon a radical journey to increase awareness regarding child molestation to an elevated level. Using her business savvy mixed with a determined heart and driven spirit, Sheena decided to launch her non-profit; Broken Silence.

Broken Silence is a non-profit organization that serves to give children and parents an outlet to discuss child abuse, molestation, and preventative measures. “Sexual abuse can affect both young women and young men. In order to end this horrific epidemic we have to be willing to break the silence,” boldly states Sheena. Ms. Herod has already made a grave impact with Broken Silence while engaging with not only her community, but with children and abuse victims nationwide. With child abuse reaching staggering rates across the US, Broken Silence continues to increase awareness one household at a time.

“Sheena (SHE-SHE) Herod” is swiftly becoming a household name across the south in both the film and entertainment industry. The successful filmmaker and founder of Tapoo Productions continues to utilize her passion while opening doors and creating opportunities for aspiring talent. Her philanthropic efforts go far from unnoticed as her movements are continuously recognized by both community and industry leaders.

About Sheena Herod:

Sheena Herod reigns from the city of Memphis, TN where she was reared and her passion for entertainment was born. Shortly after graduating high school, Sheena relocated to the illustrious city of Atlanta to peruse her passions while embarking upon her dreams. Sheena has had the privilege of working with entertainment leaders such as Katt Williams, Neyo, Chris Brown, and Tyler Perry just to name a few. By the year 2011, Sheena was able to launch Tapoo Productions for the purpose of opening doors for up and coming producers, filmmakers and editors by providing them with valuable experiences needed to thrive in the industry.



The SheWrites Spotlight: Songwriter Tori Redd “Lady Remedy”

26 Aug

Red hot 25-year-old Sacramento, CA rapper, songwriter, and producer Tori Redd, better known by her stage name Lady Remedy, is the latest signing to Block Starz Music — America’s leading digital urban label. After creating a name for herself on California’s indie music scene in 2011 opening for the likes of Big Sean, Wale, Dom Kennedy, Music Soulchild, Planet Asia, EPMD, and Tyga, Lady Remedy made her national debut with the single “The Way U Do” produced by Runway Star of The Makerz (“Teach Me How To Dougie”) and Nigel Starr in 2012. A multi-talented artist with a colorful personality to match her slick fashion sense, Remedy has already been compared to superstars like Missy Elliott and Queen Latifah. Lady Remedy recently dropped her 13-track debut mixtape, “The Steez Tape” (now available for free at her website), and has appeared at various live music events and festivals on the West Coast this summer as a lead up to her official Block Starz Music debut EP release, FREAK, later this year.

About Block Starz Music
Founded in 2008 to scout, develop, and market new independent talent, Block Starz Music LLC is the leading digital Hip-Hop label in Americawith a catalog which includes releases by Machine Gun Kelly, Rhymefest, and Fashawn as well as songs featuring Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, Raheem DeVaugn, and Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes. Block Starz Music has a diverse roster of new and established Rap, Rock, Pop, and R&B recording acts and recently began distributing other independent and artist run labels.

The SheWrites Spotlight: Nicole Gates

24 Aug
Nicole Gates, a Woman of Possibilities, Purpose and Power who resides in Memphis TN is the proud single mother of four beautiful daughters.
Being plagued by the perfect storm of crisis… divorce, single motherhood, living paycheck to paycheck, no support system on top of being in a new state with no family support… FAILURE was not an option. Nicole made a choice to defy the odds, no longer categorized as a statistic, but rather recognized as a success story! 43 honors to her credit for advocating on behalf of women and children, Nicole learned the revolutionary power to choose success over statistics and shares her insight in her new book Success over Statistics… I Choose!
About the Book: This book is to help women who have given up, lost their way and think that there is no hope simply due to crisis in their lives. Lace up those running shoes ladies, failure is not an option! We are Women of Possibilities, Purpose & Power. We have to be the obvious choice, poised for greatness and the authority on our future! “Success over Statistics… I Choose!” will give you the courage to learn, the vision to lead and the passion to share!

Nicole Gates lives by the motto: To whom much is given, much is required!

The SheWrites Spotlight: Author Tasha Wright

22 Aug

 Author Tasha Wright is a Texas native born and raised. She began writing at an early age. As soon as her mother realized she had a “Drama Queen” on her hands writing became her punishment. However, that punishment sparked something within her she never knew was there. As soon as she decided to become more focused on her writing she began to learn more about her gift as a writer. Tasha went on to publish two books from her eccentric point of view. Those books are entitled Carelessness of the Heart and When a Tattered Past Catches You. Tasha enjoys creating worlds of fictional characters to give her readers the opportunity to become lost in a world of realistic drama amplified! Tasha consistently attends events and workshops, so if you haven’t met her yet, you may soon grace her presence.

“Why stop at a dream when you can make the impossible possible?”

~Author Tasha Wright

The SheWrites Spotlight: Quiniece Sheppard

20 Aug

Quiniece Sheppard is the author of “The Seven Deadly Sexual Sins”, published in April 2009, co-author of an e-book anthology titled “Christmas is More than a Myth: There is a Reason for the Season, published as a free e-book in December 2010, author of an e-book titled Walking the Path to Real Love: 12 Steps to Practicing Abstinence and Celibacy, published as a free e-book in January 2011 and author of  “Before the Lights Go Out: 11 keys to Achieve Real Physical Intimacy published in June 2011.

Ms. Sheppard also established Chasing books Book Club in March 2011 for African American self -publishers and independent authors. Ms. Sheppard is founder/CEO of “I Am the Chase Ministries, LLC”: a single women’s ministry whose mission is to promote abstinence and celibacy.  Ms. Sheppard wants to help every woman define and understand her self-worth and value so she can live out her purpose and destiny.

Ms. Sheppard has spoken at several women’s conferences, a parent-teen retreat speaking on abstinence, held her own seminar in September 2010 and held her first single women’s conference in April 2011.  Ms. Sheppard currently resides in Alexandria, VA but frequently travels as a motivational speaker to deliver messages of inspiration, transformation and enlightenment to make a lasting impact to audiences everywhere. Ms. Sheppard speaks at workshops, conferences, seminars, book clubs, churches, youth groups and more.  To contact Ms. Sheppard, please visit her website at or for more information about her ministry and book club.

The SheWrites Spotlight : Christine Cain

13 Aug

Christine Cain at the Life Church

 On yesterday I had the pleasure of witnessing a phenomenal speaker at The Life Church in Memphis TN. Christine Cain is the epitome of how horrendous stories can be converted into glorious triumphs. During the message Mrs. Cain spoke of having been deserted at the hospital after birth and never knowing who her father and mother were. She went on to say that versus becoming a statistic, God used her pain and struggle to shed light on the lives of others. Her message correlated somewhat with a passage that I so often use when speaking of “unusual women” who have led “unusual lives”. Women who have led the most unusual lives can be used as an instrument of testimony and Ms. Christine Cain is a true testament of that.  Some key points that I wanted to highlight from her sermon are:


1. The most blessed people that walk the face of the earth are those who have been broken. God uses “unusual” people, and those who others think are “impossible” to be the instruments to get his messages across.

 2.  God cannot multiply what you do not recognize! Stir up your gift, and it will make room for you. If you don’t see your potential, then there is no way that God can work within you to use you to bless others.

 3. Stop complaining about what is NOT ENOUGH. Bless what you have and watch God multiply it. For example, the boy who gave what he had to feed the five thousand, didn’t question if it was enough. He simply gave of what he had, and God multiplied it.

 4. Our impossible is where God begins. God shows up and shows out NOT when you ask him, but when everything seems impossible.

 5.  Invite Jesus into your circumstances. When Jesus comes to you in the midst of your storm, he walks on top of your storm to get to you. Remember how he delivered you out of your circumstances the last time?You are to use yesterday’s miracle as your confidence for today’s storm.


Be blessed!


Lisa Crump

Ms. Single YOUNG Mother


Dear Hurting Woman,

3 Aug

Dear Hurting Woman,

My name is Lisa C. Crump and I am a professional writer. Does that intro sound normal enough to you? Well, a normal background could never describe my story. I entered college with a full scholarship resulting form a high ACT score and a stellar GPA. I came from a Christian household that stressed the value of education and personal values. My future was so optimistic. During those younger days, I found myself wondering if life could get any better. I got to college and met the love of my life, or so I thought. You see Hurting Woman, I was an extremely stubborn individual and my only way to effectively learn had to unfortunately be through experience.

The first semester of my third year in college I became pregnant by my long time boyfriend. Everyone around me was worried about my current situation; but I on the other hand was not. My boyfriend and I had everything under control. We were together, in love, we were going to have a beautiful baby, prove everyone wrong, and live happily ever after. Things changed. My boyfriend became extremely violent and harsh toward me throughout the pregnancy. I was in love, but I was also no fool. The signs of his tendencies were always there, I just chose to ignore them. Many times I would arrive back to my dorm room with my head adverted so that my roommate wouldn’t notice the busted lips, or the bruised jaws. She noticed, but I still wouldn’t listen to reason. Things would get better, I thought. I would excuse his behavior as just being stressed, and continued blaming myself for his actions.

For a couple of months after our son was born, everything was blissful. He was the perfect father. The three of us were completely in love with each other. Of course, all good things must come to an end. The arguments started again and always resulted in bruises. Sometimes, I just wanted to get up and leave. But I couldn’t, because we lived together and everything was in his name, so where on earth would I go?

March 7, 2007 was the day that my life and my reality as I knew it at the age of 21 completely shifted. He was cheating and my knowledge of the situation started a violent and explosive argument, while our seven month old sat there and helplessly watched. I turned around for a split second and in the instant that I turned back around to face “the love of my life”, a high chair tray was coming full force toward my head. I raised my arm to shield my head but not in time. He struck me in the head with the high chair tray with a force that broke the tray into pieces. As I attempted to fight back with the little strength that I had left, he punched and slapped my face and chest leaving deep purple welts and contusions. As I lay on the ground barely conscious…. he put a knife to my neck. He wouldn’t really kill me; but would he? God had mercy on me, and he backed away and left the house. I’m not sure where, and at the time I didn’t care. I immediately called a friend who rushed from a nearby city to take my little one and me back with her. As we sat in the emergency room, she begged me to press charges. All I could think about is how in love we were at the beginning. I was completely delusional. She brought me back into the city the next day, I pressed charges, but I wanted to die.

Not long after court proceedings were over, he informed me that he was returning to his hometown. When I asked him, “How are you going to take care of your son?”, he answered, “That is no longer my problem”. At the time, those words were the worst thing I could have heard as a young mother. When I look back, leaving his son’s life was the best thing he could have done. My struggle was real as a single parent and I am thankful, because I learned a valuable lesson for every moment of it. I remember not having a car and being forced to ride public transportation to drop my child off at daycare and go to work. There were days when I put him into the stroller and walked to the grocery store in the summer heat. I took him with me to campus to finish class assignments and administration looked the other way as long as I kept him quiet. Many days I went without food so that my son could eat. At the time I thought my life would never progress; but little did I know…. God was preparing me.

Just a word of advice Hurting Woman, transform your nasty attitude to an attitude of gratitude. What if God rewarded you tomorrow with only what you thanked him for today? Instead of wondering why God is putting you through the things that he puts you through, thank God for not allowing you to encounter much worse.

Hurting woman, I know the whispers of the naysayers around you are getting to you. It feels like people are using you for target practice. It hurts doesn’t it? I just want you to know that I have been there. The enemy’s attack is not on your present; it’s on what you could be in the future. Certain people can sense that you are destined for greatness despite your circumstances, and they can’t stand it! Kill those people with a Christian-like kindness. Let their ridicule drive you to evolve from your circumstances as the bold woman that you are.

We fall down but isn’t it amazing how we get back up? I know it seems like you are making the same mistakes over and over again, but sometimes it takes more than one experience to learn a lesson. You see, I repeated the “Same Script, Different Cast” kind of life for a while. I found myself going through the same situations over and over again; with the only thing changing was the character. The trick to adverting this scenario is to delve deep into yourself and really get to the root of what’s causing you to consistently repeat your past. Be patient Hurting Woman, time will heal all wounds.

Well Hurting Woman, I won’t keep you much longer. It’s just that when I look at how far God has brought me, as far as my situation and attitude, I am so thankful. I should have been dead, but God blocked it. There were many test and trials, and together, we made it. Hurting Woman, my message to you comes from the depths of my soul. I am instructing you to end your pity party. Misery does not become a beautiful and strong woman such as you. Whatever trials you are going through, know that God is simply preparing you for that shift that your life is about to take. Your life doesn’t have to end where it is. Your test will convert into your testimony. You too, can turn your story into triumphs. I CHALLENGE YOU to believe it with EVERYTHING in you.


Lisa Crump

Ms. Single Young Mother